Beaver County Parks


Beaver County owns and operates three parks:

  • Beaver County Fairgrounds (For reservations call 435.438.5472 or 435-691-1745)
  • Minersville Reservoir ( Fro Reservations call 435.438.5472 or 435-691-1745)

To make an Online Reservation: (Must be made 48 hours in advance)

 Reserve a Facility or Campground Click to Reserve online

For multiple reservations click back on SERVICES and continue with each step. REMEMBER to "create a profile" if you do not have one. If you already have an account, the "sign in" button is in the top right corner of the page.

Each park offers excellent facilities for small or large groups. Whether you want a day out on the lake for fishing or water sports, or camping better suites you, or both, you will have a blast at one of the County Parks. Reservations are required for certain facilities and/or services at each park. Other facilities and/or services are free of charge.

Reservations are not required during the winter months. And RESTROOMS ARE CLOSED.

(October 20th - April 1st) weather permitting closing of restrooms

WINTER RATES APPLY (October 20th - April 1st) weather permitting closing of restrooms

* Day Fee/Parking: $3

* Overnight Trailer/RV: $10 per night

* Overnight Tent: $5 per night


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