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Posted on: April 28, 2016

Weekly Fishing Report for Minersville Reservoir

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work".

This week has been stormy on the reservoir, with lots of wind and a cold front moving through.
Water temp. is 55-58 deg. F, and is clear. There was a midge fly hatch with some large brown mayflies out about 10:00 on still mornings. Some giant midges are showing up.
Trout are biting midge patterns fished 4-6 ft. under an indicator, on a good ripple off gravel banks. Float tubers are catching with midge patterns fished deep (15-20 ft), and real slow. One tuber was catching trout in 15 ft of water, straight under his tube.
Some wipers are being caught using fish imitations, fished very fast. Schools of wipers have been seen swimming close to the bank along the dam. Be sure you fish with some heavy line, as there are 7-8 pound wipers that will break 10-lb line. Some wipers have been caught by the fly fishers fishing for trout. (Your fly reel better have backing or you will lose the fish).
Bass fishing has been slow, with a few bass being caught from the bank by fly fishers. Both bass and wipers are caught by the fly guys using midge patters

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