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Posted on: May 2, 2016

Friday, April 29 -- Weekly Fishing Report for Minersville Reservoir

Friday, April 29

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work".

Again, this past week has been stormy on the reservoir, with lots of rain and north wind. The water temp. is still holding at 55-58 deg.

There is a good midge hatch coming off each day. The timing of this hatch will vary with the weather, but will usually occur around noon. The midge hatch will occur at different times in different parts of the lake. Look for bird activity -- congregation of grebes picking midges off the surface and flocks of swallows flying over the water. There is also a hatch of large brown mayflies following the midge hatch. If you hit the midge hatch just right, the fishing can be very good. If you miss the hatch, it can be very bad. The fish tend to follow the hatch around the lake.

The trout are moving off the spawning beds and recovering from spawning activity. Most of the trout caught are in the 2-3 lb range and are full of fight. If you use 4 lb test tippet, be prepared to break off a few fish.

There are not many boaters fishing for bass or wipers yet. The shoreline trout guys are catching a few bass. The wipers are cruising the shore line with some being sighted along the dam. If you spot white fins swimming by, you are seeing a wiper. Only the fins seem to be visible.

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