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Board of Equalization
General Information
Authority of the Board
The Board may raise, lower, or maintain the value of your property based on the facts presented by you and by the assessor.

Basis for Adjustment
The Beaver County Board of Equalization (Board) only considers matters related to the valuation of property for tax purposes. The amount of tax and other issues not related to value cannot be considered by the board. Only current year values can be appealed. If you have an appeal pending with the State Tax Commission for a previous year, you must still file an appeal with the board for the current year.

Burden of Proof
You must present facts to the board to support your claim that the assessor’s value on your property is incorrect. If you fail to present such facts, the board may issue a “Notice of Intent to Dismiss the Appeal” which allows you ten working days to submit the information requested by the board. If the information is not submitted, your request for adjustment may be dismissed because the board may not have sufficient information to make a decision.

Payment of Taxes
You must pay your property taxes by November 30 to avoid penalties and interest, even if the board has not made a final decision.