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4th Grade Report Information
  • County Name: Beaver County
  • County Seat: Beaver
  • Economy: Livestock, Transportation, Trade.
  • Points of Interest: Beaver City historic homes, Frisco ghost town, Puffer Lake, Minersville Lake and Recreation Area, Eagle Point ski area.
  • Origin of county name: From the Beaver River, so called because of the many beaver once found there.
  • Other interesting facts:
    • The Tushar Mountains are the tallest mountains in Beaver County. These mountains were formed by the longest volcanic action in the state and now have the most concentrated and varied igneous rocks in Utah.
    • Clear Creek Canyon was a major transportation corridor and home of hundreds of prehistoric people. Now Fremont Indian State Park tells the story.
    • Wildhorse Canyon, 10 miles east of Milford, was a major quarry for obsidian in prehistoric times. People made weapons from this obsidian, and they carried it and traded it all over the West.
    • The first Mormon settlers arrived in Beaver County in 1856.
    • Ira Hinckley established Cove Fort in 1860. Its rock walls provided protection, and it was also a stopping place between Beaver and Fillmore.
    • In 1873 the U.S. Army established Fort Cameron at Beaver City to protect local citizens and to help bring the Mountain Meadows Massacre perpetrators to justice.
    • In 1882, the Beaver County Courthouse was built. The Courthouse is considered one of the finest examples of Pioneer architecture. The original cost of construction was $10,900. The three storied structure had a deep basement made of black volcanic rock, and the upper portion was constructed of red brick. The building was finished with a tower, which was equipped with a good striking clock which faced all four directions. The clock chimed hourly. Throughout the years, additions have been made to the original structure. Vaults and a county jail built of pink sandstone were eventually added to the courthouse.
    • Dairy Farmers of America: Mountain Area Milkshed members provide milk for Brewster Dairy, Inc., Dean Foods, Glanbia, Safeway Foods, Inc., Sorrento Lactalis, Kroger, LALA, and Leprino. The plant in Beaver is an ingredient plant which makes condensed milk, cream and longhorn cheddar, Colby, Colby jack, Monterey jack, and pepper jack.