Road Department


The Beaver County Road Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of over 988 miles of roads within the county. One hundred and five miles of roads are paved, which require a resurfacing application every five to seven years and snow removal services. Eight hundred and eighty-three miles are gravel or dirt roads, which require constant hauling of new base material, grading, and, in some cases, snow removal. Cory Beebe is the Road Department supervisor.

Road Department Crews

There are two road sheds and two road crews, the Beaver shed and the Milford shed. The Beaver crew is responsible for 288 miles of road and consists of a three-man crew. The Milford crew is responsible for 700 miles of road and consists of a five-man crew.

PO BOX 392 Beaver, UT 84713

Beaver Crew

  • Stetson Yardley, Crew Boss
  • Hagen Rubio, Crewman
  • Daxton Eyre, Crewman

Milford Crew

  • James Acklin, Crew Boss
  • Chad Wunderlich, Crewman
  • Mark Russell, Crewman
  • Dane Wunderlich, Crewman
  • Stetson Parkinson, Crewman
  1. Cory Beebe

    Road Supervisor

  2. Road Department

    Physical Address
    Beaver Road Shed
    1616 N Hwy 57
    Beaver, UT 84713

    Mailing Address
    Milford Road Shed
    899 S. Hwy 21
    Milford, UT 84751

    Phone: 435-438-2494 (Bvr)
    Fax: 435-387-2614 (Milfd)