Pay Personal Property Taxes


You may pay your Personal Property Taxes online. Personal Property includes all equipment used to operate a business; this includes all owned, leased, and rented equipment.

Information Needed

You must have the parcel number for each property of which you want to pay taxes on. The Assessors office mails out tax statements March 1st of each year. You may find the parcel number(s) on the mailed statement or you may contact the Assessor's office. Personal Property Tax numbers are in the following format: BU##-####

Processing Online Payments

Pay For My Personal Property Taxes

A processing fee will be charged for all online payments paid via debit or credit card of 2.5% of the transaction with a minimum charge of $2.50. You may also pay using ACH (electronic check) which requires a $.75 cent charge.

Other Online Tax Payments

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