Bid Categories


Beaver County is committed to providing an equal and fair opportunity to all qualified parties who desire to bid on County purchases.

All of Beaver County's bids or Requests for Proposals (RFP) will be listed on our website. Most bids may be submitted using our online forms. However, some bids may require a sealed bid that must be mailed or hand delivered.

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Bid Categories

Click on the bid categories below to view current/open bids or RFPs and to submit a bid response.

Beaver County Fairgrounds On occasion, there comes a need to upgrade the Beaver County Fairgrounds. 

Chip and Gravel Material. Beaver County releases an RFP annually, usually November or December, for our chip material for the upcoming year. Occasionally we will bid out two or three year contracts.

Contractors  This category includes structural, concrete, dirt, electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, and landscape work. 

Building/Structural Construction Beaver County occasionally has new structural and maintenance related project this includes any type of work related to buildong construction.

Office Equipment/Supplies/Furniture. Our Purchasing Agent is responsible for procuring equipment, supplies and furniture for all departments of the County. Large purchases will be bid out.

Road Oil. Beaver County releases an annual bid, usually February or March, for our road oil needed for new construction and maintenance of County roads.

Surplus Property. Beaver County releases for public auction all equipment, supplies, vehicles, machinery, furniture, etc. that has been declrared surplus by the County Commission.

Vehicles/Equipment/Heavy Machinery. View bids for all County vehicle, equipment, and heavy machinery.

Weed Spraying. The County releases bids for the Right-of-Way spraying and occasionally the Beaver Walking Path spraying.

 Services. View openings for service bids including but not limited to consulting, financing, engineering, or attorney services.

Business Grants. The Economic Development Office occasionally offers grants to help in business development and expansion.