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For decades now, Washington has been progressively commandeering from local control matters of land access, land use, and land ownership, particularly, though not exclusively, throughout the western states. States, counties, municipalities, businesses and individuals have been reeling to defend against the metastasizing maze of federal policies, regulations and edicts. These DC directives combine to not only choke education funding, restrict state and county tax base, and depress business and economic activity, but also to imperil the national forests where increased federal control has doubled the acreage and intensity of wildfires, and with it billions of pounds of pollutants have been spewed into the air and tens of millions of animals killed.

Just as Kentucky would not have been crowned NCAA basketball champions had they stayed only on their side of the court and only played defense, without a strategy to play offense in securing and defending local control of land access, land use, and land ownership we will in all likelihood continue to lose ground, literally and figuratively.

The American Lands Council, while not neglecting a good defense, brings the synchronization of a strong offensive game plan through coordinated education, political persuasion, legislation, and litigation (as necessary) to re-secure local control of issues pertaining to land access, land use, and land ownership.

Certainly, those whose lives and livelihoods depend upon the wise use and preservation of their lands, and the self-reliance of their economies can and will serve as better stewards for their people than a distant, domineering, and desperately indebted federal government.

To advance prosperity and self-reliance, improve the health of public lands, and provide increased funding for public education by securing and defending local control of land access, land use and land ownership of public and private lands.

The American Lands Council channels the cooperative efforts of state and local governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals to secure and defend local control of land access, land use, and land ownership through:

I. Education
II. Political Persuasion
III. Legislation (local,state and national)
IV. Litigation

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