Campaign Financial Disclosures

For statewide and municipal candidate’s financial disclosures please visit:

County offices and local school board financial disclosures are posted below. Reports are kept for two elections.

CandidateOffice YearDate FiledDisclosure Document
Michael DaltonCommissioner "C"20207-14-20Click Here Final
Wade HollingsheadCommissioner "C"20206-26-20Click Here Gen Final
LeeAnn DaltonTreasurer202010-20-20Click Here Final
Cindy PetersonRecorder202010-20-20Click Here Final
Tyler FailsSchool Board (1)202010-20-20Click Here Final
Chris BlomquistSchool Board (2)202010-20-20Click Here Final
Kenneth UreSchool Board (3)202010-20-20Click Here Final
Sandy WhiteSchool Board (1)202010-20-20Click Here Final
Trent BrownAssessor202010-20-20Click Here Final
Von J. ChristiansenAttorney202210-25-221 Oct Final
Duke HollingsheadSchool Board (4)202211-22-221 Oct Final
Brandon YardleyCommissioner "B"202211-22-221 Oct Final
Mark WhitneyCommissioner "B"20227-19-221 Final 
Cody BlackSheriff202211-21-221 Oct Final
Chris D NobleCommissioner "A"20227-26-221 Final
Tammy PearsonCommissioner "A"202210-17-221 Oct Final
Jon CaldwellCommissioner "A"20227-25-221 Final
Ginger McMullinClerk/Auditor202210-19-221 Oct Final
Lisa CarterSchool Board (5)202210-25-221 Oct Final
Dennis CoxJustice Court Judge202211-23-221 Final
Jetta RobinsonJustice Court Judge202211-22-221 Final
Shadrach BradshawJustice Court Judge202211-22-221 Final