ON January 24, 2020 FOR THE

                                     ELK MEADOWS SPECIAL SERVICE DISTRICT

                                           ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL BOARD  

                                                 OF BEAVER COUNTY, UTAH

            PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Elk Meadows Special Service District Administrative Control Board of Beaver County, Utah will hold a public meeting on Friday, January 24, 2020, at the Beaver County Commission Chambers, 105 East Center Street, Beaver, Utah, to consider the agenda item(s) hereinafter set forth.

Electronic Meeting; The Board has adopted Resolution No. 01-2010 which provides procedures that board members may follow in order to participate in a meeting electronically. As of the time of this notice Phil Emmerson, Paul Burgon and Shane Gadbaw requested to participate electronically.

9:00 a.m.        

  • Call meeting to order –Dee Draney

  • Local Building Authority - Public Hearing - Issuance of the Lease Revenue Bonds and any potential economic impact to the private sector from the construction of a maintenance shed and related improvements to be funded by such Lease Revenue Bonds.


  • Review and approve December 06, 2019,  Minute

  • Water Rights Policy

  • Snow Plowing Procedures/Notification


Water Rights - Leo Kanell

  • Update

Overview of Current Operations –Jeremy Carroll

  • Update - Water System Status

  • Water Meters

  • Flow Measurements

  • Update – Roads

  • Update – Equipment Status

Fire Department Status -Jeremy Carroll

  • Update

Eagle Point Resort - Shane Gadbaw


  • General Discussion



                             New Business:

  • Review and approve bills paid since the last approval

  • Review and approve Accounts Payable

  • Any other business brought properly before the board




                                  Dated this 24 day of January, 2020