Travel Council

Travel Council Funding

Each year, the Beaver County Travel Council funds assist in funding both events and general advertising efforts as a means of promoting the area and bolstering tourism. If you would like to request funding for either, please click the corresponding link below.

If you are requesting funding for an event, please download the following two forms, Event Funding Application, Grant Project Report If you are requesting $1000 or less please be prepared to attend a Travel Council meeting in case of questions. If you are requesting more than $1000 you will be contacted with a set time on the next Travel Council agenda for a short five-minute or less presentation. Please be prepared with event attendance questions and ROI for event funding.

If you would like to request funding for general advertising, or marketing please click here. General advertising includes but is not limited to magazine and newspaper ads and articles, social media campaigns, and website promotions.

Board Members

  • Tim Joseph
  • Reza Kia
  • Jordon Oswald, Chairman
  • Darlene Webb
  • Tanner Larsen
  • Tyler VanDrimmelen 
  • Tawnya Upson


The Beaver County Travel Council was created by the Beaver County Commission to promote tourism within Beaver County. The council consists of a seven-member board. The board works with local businesses and government entities to promote, advertise, and develop recreation and tourism-based activities within Beaver County. The council also acts as a recommending committee to the County Commission in dispersing the Transient Room and Restaurant Tax funds.

  1. Travel Council

    Physical Address
    105 E. Center Street
    Beaver, UT 84713

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 272
    Beaver, UT 84713